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A lot of our communication happens in writing, especially in the professional world. Regardless of your career field, if you want to master professional writing, you'll find this course of value!

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This course is open to everyone. 



Part 1 - Prepare your written document
1. Define clear goals
2. Identify your target
3. Choose the most appropriate medium
4. Structure your ideas and prioritize the information
Quiz: Prepare your written document

Part 2 - Start drafting
1. Develop an argument
2. Employ a suitable vocabulary
3. Select a format and adapt it to your needs
Quiz: Start drafting

Part 3 - Complete your document
1. Proofread effectively
2. Illustrate your points
3. Perfect your layout
4. Get some practice by improving a professionally written document
Quiz: Complete your document




Denis Pellicer
Diplômé de l’école de commerce Skema, et titulaire d’une maîtrise en Droit des affaires, j’ai travaillé au sein de différents Groupes.

Elnaz Giboulot
Canadian writer and content editor based in Paris, France, with a background in television broadcast and public relations.


Content Designer


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