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Develop a greater appreciation for how the air, water, land, and life formed and have interacted over the last 4.5 billion years.

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  • Week 1 - Building Blocks of Earth’s Climate System
  • Week 2 - Formation, evolution, and processes of the solid Earth
  • Week 3 - Water in Earth’s Climate System: Oceans, Atmosphere, and Cryosphere
  • Week 4 - Life, and its Effect on Earth’s Climate System
  • Week 5 - Build Your Own Earth and Conclusion


Prof. David M. Schultz
Professor of Synoptic Meteorology
School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

Dr Rochelle Taylor
Postdoctoral Research Associate
School of Earth, Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences

Dr Jonathan Fairman
Postdoctoral Research Associate
School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences


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