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The course extends the fundamental tools in "Machine Learning Foundations" to powerful and practical models by three directions, which includes embedding numerous features, combining predictive features, and distilling hidden features. [這門課將先前「機器學習基石」課程中所學的基礎工具往三個方向延伸為強大而實用的工具。這三個方向包括嵌入大量的特徵、融合預測性的特徵、與萃取潛藏的特徵。]

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Each of the following items correspond to approximately one hour of video lecture. [以下的每個小項目對應到約一小時的線上課程]

Embedding Numerous Features [嵌入大量的特徵]
-- Linear Support Vector Machine [線性支持向量機]
-- Dual Support Vector Machine [對偶支持向量機]
-- Kernel Support Vector Machine [核型支持向量機]
-- Soft-Margin Support Vector Machine [軟式支持向量機]
-- Kernel Logistic Regression [核型羅吉斯迴歸]
-- Support Vector Regression

Combining Predictive Features [融合預測性的特徵]
-- Bootstrap Aggregation [自助聚合法]
-- Adaptive Boosting [漸次提昇法]
-- Decision Tree [決策樹]
-- Random Forest [隨機森林]
-- Gradient Boosted Decision Tree [梯度提昇決策樹]

Distilling Hidden Features [萃取隱藏的特徵]
-- Neural Network [類神經網路]
-- Deep Learning [深度學習]
-- Radial Basis Function Network
-- Matrix Factorization [矩陣分解]

Summary [總結]



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