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This course provides an introduction to the field of Natural Language Processing, including topics like Language Models, Parsing, Semantics, Question Answering, and Sentiment Analysis.

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Week One (Introduction 1/2) (1:35:31)
Week Two (Introduction 2/2) (1:36:26)
Week Three (NLP Tasks and Text Similarity) (1:42:52)
Week Four (Syntax and Parsing, Part 1) (1:48:14)
Week Five (Syntax and Parsing, Part 2) (1:50:29)
Week Six (Language Modeling and Word Sense Disambiguation) (1:40:33)
Week Seven (Part of Speech Tagging and Information Extraction) (1:33:21)
Week Eight (Question Answering) (1:16:59)
Week Nine (Text Summarization) (1:33:55)
Week Ten (Collocations and Information Retrieval) (1:29:40)
Week Eleven (Sentiment Analysis and Semantics) (1:09:38)
Week Twelve (Discourse, Machine Translation, and Generation) (1:30:57)




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