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In this capstone students will have a choice of three projects related to perception, to be completed across 6 weeks: (1) write a research proposal, (2) write a popular press article, or (3) create a video demonstration or multimedia application.

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This 6-week capstone project offers students a choice of three options related: (1) write a research proposal (2) write a popular press article OR (3) create a video demonstration or multimedia application. The development of the capstone project will occur across 6 weeks, and participants will receive peer feedback at each phase of development.

Week 1: Proposal Idea - Identify which project you will complete, your intended audience, and how you intend to carry out your idea. How does your idea relate to concepts discussed in the component courses of “Neuroscience: Perception, Action, and the Brain?" (Your proposal idea will be informally assessed and participants will receive feedback in the capstone discussion forum.)

Week 2: Summary - Your summary will take the form of a well developed outline or storyboard. (Your summary will be informally assessed and learners will receive feedback in the course discussion forum.)

Weeks 3 - 4: Develop first draft of project submission (Your submission will be assessed by other students using peer assessment.)

Weeks 5 - 6: Final project submission due (this will be assessed by other students using  peer assessment).

Throughout the course, students will be engaged in active discussion and will receive timely feedback on their peer assessed projects.


  • Leonard White - Othropaedic Surgery, Neurobiology, Duke University School of Medicine; Duke Institute for Brain Sciences
  • Dale Purves - Duke Institute for Brain Sciences
  • Jennifer Groh - Psychology & Neuroscience; Neurobiology

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