Medical Mycology
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About the content

Fungi are present everywhere! They play a major role in our ecosystem…as main decomposers of organic material, as producers of antibiotics or mycotoxins but also as responsible for human and animal infections. Fungi accounts for more than a billion of people suffering from fungal diseases resulting in at least a million human deaths per year!

The overall arise of fungal diseases is mainly due to major increase of host fungus-interaction opportunity. We can acquire fungi from the community, from the health care system or from international travels in endemic zones.

The Medical Mycology MOOC will provide a general overview starting from the basic concepts of fungal taxonomy & ecology. We will guide you through the different approaches for identification of fungi. You will hear about major trends in invasive fungal diseases as well as subcutaneous mycoses epidemiology, about new populations at risk, and emerging factors involved in the development of diseases. We will also cover topics related to antifungal drugs, and finally you will have an insight into the natural history of superficial and invasive fungal diseases, with a part dedicated to the HIV-associated infections.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • know the basic concepts of fungal taxonomy & ecology.
  • understand how to identify fungi from clinical specimens or from cultures.
  • discover how emerging factors are involved in the development of fungal diseases.
  • know more about antifungal drugs
  • discover the relationship between infections due to fungi and HIV

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If you have previous knowledge on microbiology with a bachelor degree, our course is meant for you. If you work as a researcher in science, as a medical doctor or qualified nurse or a hospital pharmacist, our course is meant for you!

And if you are provider of diagnostic kits or antifungal agents, our course is also meant for you!



Chapter 1: What are Fungi?
Chapter 2: Identification of fungi
Chapter 3: Risk Factors: evolving scenarios
Chapter 4: Antifungal drugs
Chapter 5: HIV-associated fungal diseases
Chapter 6: Fungal skin and soft-tissue infections
Chapter 7: Invasive fungal diseases



Research engineer at the French National Reference Center Invasive Mycoses and Antifungals

Exceptional Class Professor and Chair of the Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases


Content Designer

Institut Pasteur

The Institut Pasteur is a non-profit private French foundation dedicated to the study of biology, microorganisms, diseases and vaccines.




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