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About the content

Decision-making is an indispensable soft skill to help you solve problems. Whether you're facing personal or professional choices, learning how to make decisions quickly and efficiently will help you in your chosen career. Have you ever felt blocked by the fear you'll make the wrong choice? When you're faced with difficult decisions, it's easy to find a thousand reasons to hesitate - fear being an obvious response. Knowing how to make decisions quickly is essential if you want to advance in any profession. The good news is you can develop this soft skill with practice and experience - and you've come to the right place to exercise this skill!

In this course, you'll first explore what's behind your decision-making by analyzing how your brain makes choices. Then you'll learn to approach your decisions methodically using proven tools such as the SWOT method, the decision tree and matrix, the Eisenhower matrix, and many more.

So, have you decided to decide? If so, take this course now!

Learning objectives

  • By the end of this course, you'll be able to:
  • Analyze how the brain makes decisions.
  • Approach a decision methodically.

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This course is open to anyone who wants to improve themselves 😃



Partie 1 - Analyze How the Brain Makes Decisions
1. Get the Most Out of This Course
2. Identify Where Your Daily Decisions Take Place
3. Explore How Your Brain Works
4. Tame Your Emotions to Make Better Decisions
5. Deal With Your Cognitive Biases
Quiz : Analyze How the Brain Makes Decisions

Partie 2 - Approach a Decision Methodically
1. Qualify the Challenges to Decision-Making
2. Imagine Possible Solutions
3. Anticipate the Consequences of Your Decisions
Quiz : Approach a Decision Methodically

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