Maîtriser votre image lors d'un premier contact

Maîtriser votre image lors d'un premier contact

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  • Que signifie prendre la parole en public ?
  • Affirmer votre présence
  • Valoriser votre image
  • Bien démarrer une relation
  • Se préparer aux 10 questions des recruteurs
  • Présenter son autoportrait en 120 secondes
  • Ouvrir une ligne de communication
  • Apprivoiser votre stress




Institut Supérieur de Gestion (ISG) - IONISx

Christine Abadie Coach en formation de prise de parole en public


L'Institut Superieur de Gestion (ISG), member IONIS Education Group, created there over 48 years is a Business School, approved by the french govermnent. Its innovative pedagogy and in line with business serves its mission to train responsible managers, creative, enterprising and able to evolve in the International.

ISG provides training for all profiles,as well as continuing education programs and VAE for people who already have professional experience. Since its inception, the ISG has gained international recognition and is a member of EFMD, AACSB of CLADEA, AmCham and UNIDO partner. His research laboratory, the GRiiSG, has major research themes: entrepreneurship and market management and innovation and risk management.


Founded in 2013, IONISx, member IONIS Education Group, offers a new approach to teaching and learning centered on the new digital uses.

Through its own platform, IONISx offers high quality courses, accessible 365 days a year.

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