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No turning back now! You are swiftly getting to the core of iOS development: learning Apple's new programming language for creating apps. Advance your apps with just a few lines of Swift code!

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We strongly recommend taking this introductory course in iOS development: Immerse yourself in the iOS environment. In addition to getting a general overview of the iOS environment, you will have the opportunity to complete a fun application!

Hardware requirements: A Mac computer (a laptop or a desktop)



Part 1 - Establish the basics of Swift
1. Learn in context - SmartBean challenge
2. Take advantage of the Playground
3. Build a foundation with variables
4. Comprehend the concept of type
Quiz: Establish the basics of Swift

Part 2 - Organize your code with the control flows
1. Implement enumerated loops
2. Utilize conditions
3. Implement conditional loops
Quiz: Optimize your code with the control flows

Part 3 - Utilize collections and optionals
1. Collect data with arrays
2. Organize data with dictionaries
3. Understand the optionals
Quiz: Utilize collections and optionals

Part 4 - Optimize your code with functions
1. Implement elementary functions
2. Enhance your functions with parameters
Quiz: Optimize your code with functions




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