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This course is a collection of resources designed to introduce you to Backbone, a common organizational library for front-end web applications. By the end of this course, you’ll know how to write well organized web applications using the Backbone framework. You’ll also make use of the Local Storage API or a service like Firebase to support persistent data storage across user sessions.

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This course is composed of blog posts, articles, and documentation pages we've curated to get you started with Backbone.

Getting Started

Using this first resource you’ll get an overview of the Backbone framework and the various components that make it up.

Building a Simple Backbone App

You’ll follow a short tutorial to build a simple Backbone application that dynamically calculates a shopping cart total.

Hello Backbone

This resource will walk you through a number of Backbone examples that get progressively more difficult. Get these examples up and running within your own environment and then add functionality and experiment with them!

Diving Deeper with Backbone

You’ll read through a portion of Addy Osmani’s book, Backbone Fundamentals, to gain a deeper understanding of how Backbone helps you create highly organize web applications.

Building a Todo Application from Scratch

You’ll take everything you’ve learned thus far and put those skills into practice as you develop a todo list application.

Real-time Data with Firebase

You’ll learn how to use Firebase within a Backbone application, providing real-time, persistent, data storage.



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