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Digital innovation for your leadership success! A unique experience to develop your managerial skills and your leadership and obtain an attestation by FIRST FINANCE Institute. You’re a young graduate and wish to acquire fundamentals notions about leadership? You’re a manager keen to lead his or her team more effectively and coach with confidence? You’re an operational or functional expert about to take on enhanced leadership responsibilities?

This comprehensive program will help you gain or strengthen the relevant knowledge, postures and techniques to make you a better leader. 

What is leadership? What is my own leadership style and its impact on others? How is my leadership changing at various stages of my career? This questions will be examined in module 1, Self-Leadership, as leadership starts with oneself! We will then explore Team Leadership – building high performing and collaborative teams – and the Leader-Coach role, which has become crucial to develop everyone’s talent. We will also dive into how organizational cultures and structures can influence leadership – or Leadership in the Ecosystem.

This ground-breaking program is both interactive and personalized, combining the power of social learning (forums, live sessions, experiential group activities) and the effectiveness of a self-directed approach:

MBTI questionnaire to understand your personality type and its influence on your leadership style
Applied coaching to practice your leadership and identify your own areas of development
This digital learning path is therefore not only rich in content, it is also highly operational, with a blend of contextualized exercises for maximum pedagogical impact!

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Module 1 What theories of Leadership say and don't say
Module 2: The MBTI questionnaire
Module 3: Leadership starts with the self
Module 4: Leading a succesful team
Module 5: The leader-coach




Dr Rachel Amato is an Affiliate Professor at HEC Paris Executive Education. She is an experienced management consultant specialized in organizational change and leadership development, an executive coach working with managers and teams and a certified MBTI practitioner.

Rachel has carried out research in the field of organizational change, in particular a study of leadership transitions with Ashridge and HEC Paris: “Leaders in Transition: the dramas of ordinary heroes”, which gave rise to several books.

Rachel has completed a Ph.D. at HEC Paris, holds a Master of Arts (hons) from Oxford University, an MBA from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (ESCP – France) and an MPhil in organizational sociology from Paris University VII (France).


Patrick Seassau spent 15 years in Investment Banking in London before moving 10 years ago into Learning and Development for Executives, more particularly in the world of finance. He set up several development programmes for the top-executives of major institutions and is strongly involved in the design of distance-learning programmes (MOOC). He is a certified MBTI practitioner Steps I and II.

Patrick is a graduate from HEC Paris (France) and Harvard Kennedy School (Boston) where he studied Leadership development (Art and Practice of Leadership Development).


Content Designer

First Finance

First Finance Institute is a online platform offering certified training in basic or advanced level in finance. FFI has forged partnerships with financial institutions and prestigious universities around the world.

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