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About the content

This course seeks to interest students in the Latin American culture by studying it from multiple perspectives.

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1. The birth of Latin American culture

1.1 An idea of culture

1.2 Encounter, confrontation or unification?

2. The political dimension.

2.1 Political systems and their development over time.

2.2 The struggle for democracy.

2.3 The leader in Latin America.

2.4 Sudden and dramatic events during the 20th century.


3. The characteristics of the economic processes in contemporary Latin America.

3.1 Economic models: from socialism to neoliberalism.

a) Globalization;

b) Treaties and economic alliances;

c) The end of the welfare state;

d) The search for successful economic models.


 4. Development and sustainability in Latin America.

4.1 Poverty and the environment: quality of life, environment, violence, poverty, gender, drug trafficking, corruption, and religious fanaticism.

4.2 Consequences, implications and possibilities of modernity in Latin America.

4.3 Proposals for development.


5. Art in Latin America I

5.1 What makes Latin America Art unique.

5.2 Understanding Latin America through art.

5.3 Literature.


6. Art in Latin America II

6.1 Visual Arts.

6.2 Music.



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