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This course provides a brief review of introductory algebra topics. Topics to be covered include integer operations, order of operations, perimeter and area, fractions and decimals, scientific notation, ratios and rates, conversions, percents, algebraic expressions, linear equations, the Pythagorean theorem, and graphing.

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Topic 1: Integer Operations - Properties of Integers - Absolute Value - Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying & Dividing - Order of Operations - Perimeter and Area of Rectangles, Squares & Triangles Topic 2: Fractions and Decimals - Simplifying Fractions - Mathematical Operations with Fractions - Rounding Decimals - Decimals and Applications - Fraction to Decimal Conversion - Scientific Notation Topic 3: Rates, Ratios, and Conversions - Ratios - Rates - Unit Conversions - Percents Topic 4: Algebraic Expressions and Equations - Algebraic Expressions - Solving a Linear Equation - Pythagorean Theorem Topic 5: Graphing Linear Equations - Graphing a Linear Equation - Slope of a Line - Writing a Linear Equation - Slope and Slope-Intercept Form


  • Kelly Vetter - Kelly Vetter is an instructor at Wake Technical Community College. She has a B.S. in Mathematics Education and a Certificate in E-Learning from North Carolina State University. She has taught math for a total of 17 years and has been teaching developmental math for 12 of those years. She has taught in various formats including the classroom, online, and hybrid courses.
  • Sue Ann Austin - Sue Ann Austin is an instructor at Wake Technical Community College. She has taught developmental math for 4 years and prior to that was a high school math teacher. She has a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from Carnegie-Mellon University and completed the NC Teach program at North Carolina State University. She was a software engineer for 15 years prior to entering the field of education.



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