International Franchise Law: the World is Yours

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We each have a daily connection with franchising. At the international level, franchising is a practical and exciting aspect of global commerce. Countries with vast markets and growing middle classes present opportunities for brands that have reached saturation in their original market. Developing countries too are now creating home-grown, exportable franchised brands. Gain an introduction to international franchise law This free online course will introduce you to international franchise law and will enhance your skills in assessing the viability of franchising a business internationally. Since World War 2 business format franchising has grown exponentially and is now entrenched as a trusted business model. But, what many would believe to be a simple business arrangement is anything but that. This introductory course looks at the law behind questions such as: How do franchisors keep their brand image consistent across all countries? What due diligence do franchisors need to conduct? How do franchisors conduct legal due diligence? How are international franchising disputes resolved? What’s the future of business format franchising? Explore real-world challenges through a video-based case study approach The course uses a video-based case study approach which explores real world issues through the experience of Michelle and Brian - a Sydney couple who are dreaming of expanding their boat cleaning business. Through the case study we present a real situation encountered by a business in order to draw out the issues and challenges in setting up and then expanding a franchise. Explore the cultural and legal aspects of franchising We will introduce you to the cultural and legal aspects of franchise relationships and will lead you through some of the laws that have developed, globally, to support business format franchising. In particular, we will explore aspects of franchise agreements, due diligence, franchise disclosure laws, intellectual property laws, relationship laws, dispute resolution, competition law, tax law, and the future of franchising. By the end of this course, you will be able to: Assess the expansion-readiness of a franchised business for overseas jurisdictions Recognise the role of legal advisers in the business decision to expand a franchise to a new country Identify the key legal issues that affect franchisors expanding internationally Identify and research the laws relevant to franchising in international jurisdictions Understand the methods available to resolve franchise disputes Examine the potential future application of the franchise model through social franchising and micro franchising.




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