Innovating in a Digital World

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  • Week 1 - Why Digital Changes Everything
    Many people have yet to realize just how rapid and profound the current digital revolution is, or how quickly it’s breaking down old institutions. Yes, we’re always hearing about Google, Uber, and all those “pirate entrepreneurs.” Yes, we know technology has s...
  • Week 2 - Creating Value in a Digital World
    Once upon a time, the rules of the game were simple. People worked away in their offices to develop and sell products or services, and shared the margin between price and cost. But now this product-based way of competing is all but gone – wiped out by the new ...
  • Week 3 - Thinking and acting differently
    Going digital is a bit like emigrating to another country. To succeed digitally, people and firms need to adopt a whole new mindset. Entrepreneurs should forget about building the perfect business plan, and instead put the focus on “trial and learn” processes....
  • Week 4 - Entrepreneurship in a Digital World
    We usually think of the entrepreneur’s challenge as coming up with a “great idea.” But the new digital world doesn’t work on belief alone. Promises, and ideas’ potential, must be based on tangible facts. That’s why execution is so much more important than idea...




Rémi Maniak
Associate Professor
Management Science

Thomas Houy
Associate Professor
Management Science

Laurent Gille

Valérie Fernandez
Management Science


The Institut Mines-Télécom is a major public player in higher education, research and innovation in the fields of engineering and management.

It is made up of 10 Mines and Télécom grandes écoles under the supervision of the Minister for Productive Recovery (Mines Albi, Mines Alès, Mines Douai, Mines Nantes, Mines ParisTech, Mines Saint-Etienne, Télécom Bretagne, Télécom École de Management, Télécom ParisTech, Télécom SudParis) and two subsidiary schools (Télécom Lille and Eurecom). It has a special relationship with two strategic partners, Mines Nancy, part of the University of Lorraine, and Armines.

Institut Mines-Télécom is at the forefront of educational innovation. It is the leading group of engineering schools in France, graduating 8% of engineers each year.

Its open online courses are part of a movement to create and lead communities for initial and lifelong learning. Institut Mines-Télécom will contribute to this movement and will involve all of its stakeholders: teacher-researchers, students and future students, graduates, companies and, more generally, all learners interested in the Institute's areas of specialisation.


Coursera is a digital company offering massive open online course founded by computer teachers Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller Stanford University, located in Mountain View, California. 

Coursera works with top universities and organizations to make some of their courses available online, and offers courses in many subjects, including: physics, engineering, humanities, medicine, biology, social sciences, mathematics, business, computer science, digital marketing, data science, and other subjects.

This content is rated 4.439 out of 5
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This content is rated 4.439 out of 5
(no review)
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