Tomorrow's Mobility
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date_range Starts on November 2, 2020
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About the content

The objective of this course, over four weeks and within the context of the energy transition and sustainable mobility, is to understand the technical concepts and environmental issues related to the automotive industry. This MOOC is intended either for students or professionals interested in energy and the automotive sector. More broadly, it is intended for those willing to gain knowledge about electrical drivetrain, hybrids, autonomous driving and the new forms of mobility, who are convinced that climate change is really a challenge that can also be sustained through concrete solutions regarding mobility.

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After successfully completing this course, participants will be able to: 

  1. Identify the world's energy context and its evolution, the evolution of the energy demand and the energy transition issues as a way to meet sustainability in development.
  2. Explain the current transport situation regarding pollutant emissions and legislation.
  3. Design an electric drivetrain taking into account the electric engine, the electronics, the type of battery and control system by finding the right trade-off between performances and the constraints of weight and price.
  4. Design a hybrid powertrain taking into account the hybridization degree and the different architectures. 
  5. List the pros and cons of these technologies and how they work.
  6. Understand autonomous and connected vehicle technologies, what it is and how does it work. Deduce the impact of these new technologies on society and the limiting factors.

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