How to Use Data in Assessment for Learning
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About the content

Learn how meaningful data interpretation can lead to effective assessment design and improve student learning outcomes with this online course from ACER.

Take an in-depth look at types of data and assessment
As an educator, you can advance your career by building a solid foundational understanding of the data that underpins student learning in school, becoming equipped to implement changes based on student performance.
In this three-week course, you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of data in this context. You’ll examine different types of data, evaluating the purpose of data in schools, and learning how to interpret data to drive decision-making and assessment design.

Explore data representation and analysis to support learning
You’ll identify the role of assessment evidence, as well as comparing data collection through traditional and technologically enhanced assessments.
With this knowledge, you’ll be able to compare the value of different assessments in your own context and how they can be used to support the learning needs of your students.

Identify how data can address barriers to student progress
You’ll examine how to use learning progressions to map student progress, and how to critically approach them, avoiding a one-size-fits-all method of learning design.
You’ll analyse different assessment processes, allowing you to identify and adapt any shortcomings in your own assessment methods.

Empower your students to learn in a positive learning environment
Having examined how to gather data through assessment, you’ll finish this course exploring how this data can inform targeted learning design within instructional cycles.
Bringing your learning together, you’ll be able to explain the importance of effective assessment and data collection. Using the skills gained throughout this course, you’ll be able to make data driven decisions that promote both a positive learning environment and value in assessment for both you and your students.

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • Identify different types of data and assessment and their use in a school setting
  • Interpret and understand different representations of data in reports
  • Evaluate and discern the purpose of different types of data and assessment

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This course is designed for teachers, principals and education professionals who want to understand and be better able to use data gathered from student assessment, to professionals with a background in education and teaching.



Week 1
Introduction to assessment and data
Week 2
Using evidence to support learning
Week 3
Creating better assessment and outcomes



Katie Richardson
I am an experienced teacher educator, working at the Australian Council for Educational Research. My areas of research include including inclusion, assessment, learning and teaching and TESOL.

Professor Pauline Taylor-Guy
Director of the Centre for School and System Improvement at ACER and an esteemed education scholar with particular interest in professional learning, education policy and literacy.




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