How do we work at OpenClassrooms?
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At OpenClassrooms, we firmly believe that education should be easily accessible to everyone. We want to help people to find jobs they love and stay employable throughout their lives. To do so, we work hard to provide the best learning experience that combines the latest technology and years of experience in education.

We have a very special history. The project started more than 16 years ago in 1999, when Mathieu Nebra, aged 13, started to write his first course online...for free! The hobbyist project turned out to have a huge impact and ultimately became a company. It has helped millions of people to learn, find their passions, and ultimately land the jobs they have today. More than 3 million learners come to learn on OpenClassrooms each month.

Would you like to work at OpenClassrooms? Great! We have designed this course to help you understand what kind of company OpenClassrooms is. How do people work here at OpenClassrooms? What are the teams, how do we design the product, handle experiments, failures, internal conflicts? And how do we help people to learn new skills and find jobs?

This course is a must-read for each person wanting to join OpenClassrooms. We hope it will provide valuable insights on who we are and what we stand for!

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Part #1 - Who We Are
1. Our Mission
2. Our Company
3. Our Story
Quiz: Who We Are

Part #2 - What We Do
1. Our Educational Vision
2. Our Users
3. Our Product
4. Our Business Model
Quiz: What We Do

Part #3 - OpenClassrooms Teams
1. Education Team
2. Tech Team
3. Sales Team
4. Marketing Team
5. G&A Team
Quiz: OpenClassrooms Teams

Part #4 - Learning Together
1. Our Mindset
2. Embracing Change
3. Handling Failures
4. Understanding Our Data
5. Dealing With Conflicts
6. Giving And Receiving Feedback
7. Evolution And Salaries
8. Participating In Events
9. Implementing New Ideas
Quiz: Learning Together

Part #5 - Practical OpenClassrooms
1. Our Office
2. Our Software Stack
3. Expenses
4. The Job Interview
5. Your First Day Here
Quiz: Practical OpenClassrooms

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Natalie Cernecka
Director of Partnerships at OpenClassrooms, former academic (Cambridge, CNRS, Keio) converted to edtech

Pierre Dubuc
Cofondateur d'OpenClassrooms

Mathieu Nebra
Entrepreneur à plein temps, auteur à plein temps et co-fondateur d'OpenClassrooms :o)

Emily Reese
Emily's from New York City and lives in Paris, France. She's a web developer (formerly at Kickstarter), teacher at OpenClassrooms, and more!


Content Designer


OpenClassrooms (formerly Le site du Zéro or SdZ) is a website that offers courses about computer science and entrepreneurship. Online courses can be made both by site staff, professors of universities or colleges partner as by its members.

Today, courses are available in several formats: MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), web text, e-book, book and video. The company delivers certifications for certain courses, including one recognized by the state in partnership with IESA multimedia.

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