Heterogeneous Parallel Programming

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  • Week One: Introduction to HeterogeneousComputing, Overview of CUDA C, and Kernel-Based Parallel Programming, with lab tourand programming assignment of vector addition in CUDA C.
  •  Week Two: Memory Model for Locality, Tilingfor Conserving Memory Bandwidth, Handling Boundary Conditions, and PerformanceConsiderations, with programming assignment of simple matrix-matrix multiplicationin CUDA C.
  • Week Three: Parallel Convolution Pattern, withprogramming assignment of tiled matrix-matrix multiplication in CUDA C.
  • Week Four: Parallel Scan Pattern, withprogramming assignment of parallel convolution in CUDA C.
  • Week Five: Parallel Histogram Pattern andAtomic Operations, with programming assignment of parallel scan in CUDA C.
  • Week Six: Data Transfer and TaskParallelism, with programming assignment of parallel histogram in CUDA C.
  • Week Seven: Introduction to OpenCL,Introduction to C++AMP, Introduction to OpenACC, with programming assignment ofvector addition using streams in CUDA C.
  • Week Eight: Course Summary,Other Related Programming Models –Thrust, Bolt, and CUDA FORTRAN, withprogramming assignment of simple matrix-matrix multiplication in choice ofOpenCL, C++AMP, or OpenACC.
  • Week Nine: complete anyremaining lab assignments, with optional, bonus programming assignments in choiceof OpenCL, C++AMP, or OpenACC.




  • Wen-mei Hwu - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


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