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Learn about the UK's 2015 general election: how does the system work, what is at stake, and how will it affect you? Whether or not you have a vote, if you want to gain a better understanding of UK polls and political issues, join us for discussion and up-to-date insight before and after polling day.

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Week One (How does it work?): We will begin by explaining the UK's political system and how the First Past the Post electoral system works. We'll also consider how British politics has changed in the last five years.

Week Two (What is at stake?): We will examine the main issues in the election campaign and the parties' stances. Who is in the running and what do they want?

Week Three (Why did that happen?): We will analyse the results and try to set out the governing options in the House of Commons. What do the results tell us about the state of British politics?


  • Alan Convery - School of Social and Political Science

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