Game Theory

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Week 1. Introduction:  Introduction, overview, uses of game theory,some applications and examples, and formal definitions of: the normal form,payoffs, strategies, pure strategy Nash equilibrium, dominated strategies.

Week 2. Mixed-strategyNash equilibria: Definitions, examples, real-world evidence.

Week 3. Alternatesolution concepts: iterative removal of strictly dominated strategies,minimax strategies and the minimax theorem for zero-sum game, correlated equilibria.

Week 4.Extensive-form games: Perfect information games: trees, players assigned tonodes, payoffs, backward Induction, subgame perfect equilibrium, introductionto imperfect-information games, mixed versus behavioral strategies.

Week 5. Repeatedgames: Repeated prisoners dilemma, finite and infinite repeated games,limited-average versus future-discounted reward, folk theorems, stochasticgames and learning.

Week 6. Coalitional games:Transferable utility cooperative games, Shapley value, Core, applications.

Week 7. Bayesiangames: General definitions, ex ante/interim Bayesian Nash equilibrium.




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