Fundamentals of Global Energy Business
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Learn about diverse and integrated markets for primary energy, and the essential considerations driving business leaders and policy makers in development of global energy resources.

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  • Week 1 - Demand for Energy
    Energy is the capacity to do work. In this most essential sense, energy is a basic human need. We will consider how technological innovations have increased the ability of mankind to do work, but only by increasing our demand for various sources of energy. ...
  • Week 2 - Energy Supplies and Market Allocations
    A broad range of primary resources are used to satisfy our need for energy. Accessing these resources depends on many factors, including available technologies and skills, and a number of political factors. We will address these factors as well as issues and...
  • Week 3 - Key Capabilities for Energy Business - Fossil Fuels
    A range of technological and commercial factors determine accessibility and utilization of conventional energy resources. These lectures review considerations essential to the development of various fossil fuel sources of energy, including coal, oil, gas, and...
  • Week 4 - Key Capabilities for Energy Business - Alternative Resources
    A range of technological and commercial factors determine accessibility and utilization of unconventional energy resources. These lectures review considerations essential to the development of alternative sources of energy, including nuclear and various renewa...
  • Week 5 - Stakeholders and Political Considerations in the Energy Business
    Energy enterprises engage in complex activities with far-reaching consequences. As a result, these activities often motivate to action a diverse set of stakeholders. We will examine the systemic nature of energy businesses and how their activities inevitably...
  • Week 6 - Strategic Analysis of Energy Business Opportunities
    Frameworks for strategic analysis are useful for organizing the broad set of considerations necessary to achieve energy business objectives. These lectures introduce several rudimentary tools for strategic analysis and make use of those tools to evaluate the ...


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