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This course teaches the fundamentals of Fog Networking, the network architecture that uses one or a collaborative multitude of end-user clients or near-user edge devices to carry out storage, communication, computation, and control in a network. It also teaches the key results in the design of the Internet of Things, including consumer and industrial applications.

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  1. Overview: From Cloud to Fog
  2. Overview: From IT to loT
  3. Principles of Edge/P2P networking
  4. Smart data pricing for new network services
  5. Client side control and configuration
  6. Client-side measurement & Control Signaling
  7. Edge resource pooling and caching
  8. Security and privacy in Fog
  9. Consumer and wearable IoT
  10. Connected cars IoT
  11. Smart grids IoT
  12. Healthcare IoT 


  • Mung Chiang - Electrical Engineering

Content Designer

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