Exploring Everyday Chemistry
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This free online course explores a range of chemistry-based topics relating to our everyday lives, with an emphasis on the important role of organic chemistry – the study of carbon-containing organic compounds. Activities include experimenting ‘in the kitchen with hands-on projects ranging from extracting a plant fragrance to testing the activity of spices against microbes. The course will be particularly useful for sixth-formers who are interested in developing independent learning skills to help the transition to university.

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The course is designed for anyone with an interest in chemistry (a GCSE level of science is recommended), but will be particularly useful for sixth-formers to aid the transition to study science at university.

You can use the course to support your UCAS personal statement and prepare for university study, by broadening your chemistry knowledge and developing your independent learning skills



Week 1: The chemical attraction of perfumes and pheromones
We’ll identify a range of natural and synthetic attractants; understand current theories that help to explain how the chemical structure is related to smell; and make a molecular model.

Week 2: The race for new antibiotics
We’ll describe the mode of action of antibiotics; understand bacterial resistance; identify promising new areas of research to design smarter drugs; and explore pattern recognition in structure-activity relationships.

Week 3: The chemistry of brewing
We’ll describe the process of brewing; identify key flavoring compounds in beer, tea, and coffee; understand the role of modern analytical methods; and analyze spectroscopic data.

Week 4: The chemistry of sport
We’ll explore innovations that are changing the game; identify modern materials that improve performance and aid protection; and model the structures of polymers.



Andy Parsons
Andy Parsons is a Professor of Organic Chemistry at York. His teaching has been recognized by a Royal Society of Chemistry Teaching Award; he is a Senior Fellow of the HEA & a National Teaching Fellow


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