English Course: Lower Intermediate

English Course: Lower Intermediate

30 h
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Unit 1: Nice to meet you!
Asking questions

Unit 2: What to wear
Present Simple and Present Continuous

Unit 3: Like this, like that
'Like' for preference and description

Unit 4: The daily grind
Adverbs of frequency

Unit 5: Christmas every day
'Have to' and 'must'

Unit 6: Great achievers
Past simple

Unit 7: The Titanic
Past simple and past continuous

Unit 8: Travel
Articles - a, an, the

Unit 9: The big wedding
Present continuous and 'going to' for future

Unit 10: Sunny's job hunt
Gerunds and infinitives

Unit 11: The bucket list
The present perfect with ‘ever’ and ‘never’

Unit 12: Moving and migration
Present perfect with 'for' and 'since'

Unit 13: Welcome to BBC Broadcasting House
Comparatives and superlatives

Unit 14: New Year, New Project
Present perfect with just, already, and yet

Unit 15: From Handel to Hendrix
Relative clauses

Unit 16: What's the weather like?
Using 'may', 'might' and 'could'

Unit 17: The Digital Revolution
'Used to' for past habits

Unit 18: A detective story
Subject-object questions

Unit 19: A place to live

Unit 20: The Cult of Celebrity

Unit 21: Welcome to your new job
Indirect questions

Unit 22: Beyond the planets
Present and past passive

Unit 23: Great expectations!
First conditional

Unit 24: Eco-tourism
Second conditional

Unit 25: Moving house
State verbs and action verbs

Unit 26: It must be love
Present perfect and past simple

Unit 27: Job hunting success... and failure
Question tags

Unit 28: Speeding into the future
The future (predictions)

Unit 29: Lost arts
Used to & would

Unit 30: Tales of survival
Present and past modals of ability




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