Data Analytics for Managers

Data Analytics for Managers

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Week 1: 
Introduction to data analytics
Week 2: Discovering new patterns in data to transform your business
Week 3: Making predictions using your data to solve business problems
Week 4: Predicting the category of data points to solve business problems
Week 5: The power of shopping basket analysis
Week 6: What are your influencers?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • Explain data analytics and how it is practised and applied within a business environment.
  • Evaluate the results of data analysis within a business context.
  • Describe different types of data processing and explain how they solve common business problems.


This course is designed for managers who want to improve their knowledge of data analytics. It will help both managers and those in leadership work effectively with data science teams and data analysts to improve business processes, identify trends and interpret data.

This course is suitable for managers who already work with data analysts, as well as those looking to expand their business team to include data analysts.

Whilst the primary audience is those in management roles, this course may also benefit those who collaborate with data analysts who wish to further their understanding of data analytic processes, key terminology and practices.

No prior knowledge or experience of data analytics is required, though you do need an understanding of basic maths terminology such as mean, logarithm, and Pythagoras.


Martin White
I am a particle astrophysicist and data scientist at the University of Adelaide. I co-lead a University of Adelaide Data Analytics Group that applies data science to industry problems.

Ethan Carragher
I work as a research assistant in the School of Physical Sciences at the University of Adelaide. Much of my work involves simulating and analysing huge amounts of particle physics data.

Meera Deshpande
I am currently a postgraduate student studying Physics at the University of Adelaide. Along with being a data scientist in the past, I have experience in teaching a first year machine learning course.


University of Adelaide


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