Créez votre Data Lake

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Partie 1 - Stockez vos données de manière distribuée avec HDFS

1. Identifiez les besoins de votre data lake
2. Découvrez le système de fichiers distribué HDFS
3. Mettez les mains dans le cambouis avec HDFS
4. Déployez HDFS en production et passez à l’échelle
Quiz : Devenez incollables sur l'administration d'un cluster HDFS

Partie 2 - Sérialisez vos données avec Avro

1. Créez vos premiers schémas de données avec Avro
2. Faites évoluer vos schémas de données
3. Réalisez des analyses sur votre master dataset
Activité : Mangez des nouilles !

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Régis Behmo
Expert en machine learning, développeur fullstack, grimpeur invétéré et gros, très gros amateur de nouilles chinoises.


CentraleSupélec is the result of the merger of the Ecole Centrale Paris and the Supélec. The collaboration between the two Colleges of engineering begun in 1969 with the introduction of the joint competitive entrance exam. Since 2009, the Ecole Centrale Paris and Supélec have continually strengthened their partnerships and collaborations with the aim of encompassing the whole of their activities (engineering education, research and post graduate programs) and confirmed their shared values of excellence, innovation, entrepreneurship, internationalization and leadership. Today CentraleSupélec aims to become a reference in the field of engineering and systems sciences and a leading engineering College in the area of higher education and research, ranked amongst the best institutions in the world.


OpenClassrooms (formerly Le site du Zéro or SdZ) is a website that offers courses about computer science and entrepreneurship. Online courses can be made both by site staff, professors of universities or colleges partner as by its members.

Today, courses are available in several formats: MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), web text, e-book, book and video. The company delivers certifications for certain courses, including one recognized by the state in partnership with IESA multimedia.

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