Cognitive Psychology: Employee and Customer Behaviour
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Delve into behaviour change and the tactics you can use to attract, understand, and influence your customers, from behavioural scientist Paul Dolan, with this online course from FutureLearn.

Explore the psychological factors that influence behaviour
This three-week course will help you explore the role of the subconscious and emotions in decision-making and strategies for capturing the attention of your customers.
With this knowledge, you’ll be empowered to not only attract the customers you want, but understand, anticipate, and meet their needs completely.

Discover priming as an influencing tactic
Investigating the concept of priming in psychology, you’ll learn to identify a prime and distinguish it from an influence that people are consciously aware of.
You’ll discuss examples from everyday life as well as examining a number of studies showing priming effects. With this knowledge, you’ll start to think about how you could design your own prime.

Examine the SALIENT checklist and anchoring
With an understanding of primes, you’ll then explore how to use a wide range of them using the SALIENT checklist.
You’ll discuss the role of salience in decision-making and the components of salient messages before examining the role of anchoring and peak-end evaluation.
This knowledge will help you to apply concepts to your organisation.

Assess what affects behaviour change
Exploring the role emotions play in decision-making, you’ll debate the relationship between rational behaviour and emotions.
By the end of this course, you’ll be able to identify key ways you can change behaviour and also critically evaluate whether it’s right to do so.

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This course is designed for anyone wanting to better understand customer needs and motivations and will be particularly useful if you are a team manager.



By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • Describe what a prime is and distinguish it from an influence.
  • Discuss a number of studies which have shown priming effects.
  • Discuss a wide range of primes using the SALIENT checklist.
  • Apply primes to change behaviour.
  • Explore components of salient messages.
  • Investigate the role of anchoring and peak-end evaluation, and ways to apply them in your organisation.
  • Debate the relationship between rational behaviour and emotions.
  • Explore the neuroscience of affect.

Week 1: 
Week 2: Salience
Week 3: Affect



Paul Dolan
Paul is a Professor of Behavioural Science. His main research interests are human behaviour and happiness. Author of bestselling Happiness by Design and Happy Ever After, host of Duck-Rabbit podcast.


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