3D Printing Applications

3D Printing Applications

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  • Week 1 - Course Orientation
    You will become familiar with the course, your classmates, and our learning environment. The orientation will also gives you an overview of the entire course.
  • Week 1 - Module 1: 3D Printing – A New Way of Making
    In this module, we continue the discussion from the first course with Aric Rindfleisch, and explore further the reasons why 3D printing is considered a paradigm shift and a revolutionary change. We will hear from people working in the field, from academics, ve...
  • Week 2 - Module 2: 3D Printing – On-Demand Manufacturing
    In this module, we will discuss examples of how 3D printing enhances product customization as well as the development of on-demand manufacturing. We will look at how individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses can leverage the ecosystem to turn ideas into objec...
  • Week 3 - Module 3: 3D Printing for Development and Education
    In this module, we will consider the role of 3D printing in revolutionizing education and the role it can play in development in underserved communities in both developing and developed countries.
  • Week 4 - Module 4: From Ideas to Objects
    The previous three modules have given you an overview of a wide variety of applications of 3D printing. In addition, if you work through the assessments and participate in the discussions, you will see the immense variety of applications shared by your peers. ...
  • Week 4 - Course Wrap Up
    This brief module contains a course summary, previews the next course in our 3D printing specialization, and provides you with the opportunity to share your thoughts about your experience in this course.




Vishal Sachdev
Clinical Assistant Professor , Director, Illinois MakerLab
Business Administration


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This content is rated 4.08 out of 5
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This content is rated 4.08 out of 5
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