Université Numérique Européenne des Etudes Juives (UNEEJ)

The UNEEJ (European Digital University of Jewish Studies), offers a program of online lessons open to all, covering all disciplines of science of Judaism: Jewish History, Hebrew literature, thought and philosophy, Hebrew (Biblical Hebrew, rabbinic, modern), ecology and Judaism, the Jewish populations sociology, psychology and psychoanalysis, social sciences of politics, economics, Hebrew law, interculturalism and dialogue, medical ethics, arts and culture, etc.
This project led by the University Institute Elie Wiesel and the Alliance Israelite Universelle, is a unique initiative of its kind in the French academic world: This is indeed the first online university focused on Jewish studies and science of Judaism. The main objective is to allow all public to access to free courses, varied and of quality, wherever they are in the world.
All courses offered UNEEJ on the platform were designed by professors from the greatest universities in France, Europe, Israel, the United States or Canada. Students and participants can take courses in an interactive and collaborative way, at their own pace.