The INSA group - Lyon, Rennes, Rouen, Strasbourg, Toulouse and Centre Val de Loire - is France's leading group of public engineering schools. 10% of engineering graduates in France come from the six INSAs each year. Nearly 100% of graduates are hired in less than three months.

INSA engineers are experts in their field and have a solid scientific and technological background. Designed to manage and lead groups of people, they must have an excellent background in the human and social sciences.

They are recruited mainly on the basis of a baccalaureate (70%). There are other opportunities to join INSA during the course from other French or foreign higher education establishments.
The INSA group is committed to increasing the efficiency of its training processes by taking into account the needs of a wide range of students, such as high-level athletes, foreign students, disabled students, CE trainees and - and there are many of them - all students who wish to learn in a different way, at their own pace and with greater autonomy.

ICT is, of course, only one of the tools at the service of this vision. Their use is also an opportunity for all these learners to develop new skills in relation to their future work.