Use MOOCs to become a web developer and master the languages HTML5, CSS, Javascript and PHP

Want to learn web development? Whether it is a first training or a conversion, you will find all the necessary MOOCs in this category. The languages of the web will soon have no secret for you. You will be able to design a dynamic user interface as well as create state-of-the-art server applications. You will also learn everything you need about networks, the world wide web and, of course, IT security. All available MOOCs are offered by the most prestigious universities. By obtaining certification, you will maximize your employability as a web developer.

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Learn how to develop rich web interfaces ...

Website creation has two components, each of which uses different technologies. The design and creation of a rich and modern user interface, offering interactions, animations and able to run quickly requires the learning of HTML languages (to structure the information in the page), CSS (to ensure a setting ergonomically shaped, pleasant and especially usable on different media such as computers, smartphones or tablets) and Javascript (for the management of user actions and animations of the page). All the courses offered in this category will allow you to master the creation of your web pages.

... and state-of-the-art server applications

The user interface that will be displayed in the browser will communicate with the server, to access the data of the site (stored for example in a database) or to third-party services (online payment, train times ...). Site creation requires the use of a server language to perform all these operations. PHP7 is without a doubt the most popular and popular website creation language, used by more than 80% of sites worldwide. With the language alone or with a framework like Symfony or Zend Framework, you will master the web development.