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It is possible to follow a varied range of free and certifying online courses in the Visual Arts field. MOOCs are available for successful learning or building skills in Drawing, Sculture, Photography and Painting. These courses are free and maximize your chances of employment. The Moocers learn ahead of the strengths and weaknesses of each My Mooc online course. Some modules are available in English to conquer all potential areas of work. No more worries to improve your culture in art history with all these online courses available in one click.

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Content rich in lessons

These free trainings are the work of the best institutions and universities over the world. Most of them are devoted to art and design. We find courses in the fields of Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Photography, Sculture, Art Market, Painting, Cultural Mediation and Events. The proposed modules include: Making pro videos with your smartphone, The Scenic Space, Music beyond digital, Anima Podi: In search of the perfect rebound, Listening in play (x): an introduction to musicology, a brief history of photography, Staging is a profession and Impressionism, from scandal to consecration.

Best online courses in Visual Arts

These courses are conducted by professionals in the sector. We find ourselves in good hands to learn better. Learning is done at will and according to the rhythm of each user. These online courses in Drawing and Painting provide a better training without a blow to the usual activities. You learn to unleash your creative potential to become a talented artist. Certifications are issued to serve as proof during job interviews. They thus make it possible to maximize one's employability. The hallmark of the largest universities and international organizations on certifications ensures a bright future in the Visual Arts job market.