All MOOCs in urban planning

The protection of the environment is a major concern today. The MOOCs collected on this page are aimed at urban planning professionals, landscapers, infrastructure technicians, etc. At the end of each MOOC, you will develop urban planning skills in transport infrastructure. On our website, you will find all free online training and certifying, in the field of urban planning. The courses are of university level and in most cases deliver a certification that will maximize your employability!

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Urban planning in smart cities?

The urban development of smart cities contributes to the goal of protecting the environment and establishing sustainable development. Indeed, public investments must contribute to the good management of the public heritage. This involves the organization of land use and the implementation of infrastructure. Developing innovative and technical skills for the creation of smart cities is an important asset. The knowledge acquired through the MOOCs will enable you to act to correct and guide the development from a global and conceivable project.

Smart cities, infrastructure and transport organization

The urban development of smart cities in terms of transport infrastructure concerns all fixed installations that improve the circulation of vehicles. More generally, it improves the functioning of road, rail, river and energy transport systems. For this purpose, MOOC training addresses a variety of issues. You will find different training courses to boost your knowledge in this area. You will also develop your knowledge of the various concepts related to city planning and safe urban planning principles.