Teacher development

Whether you are already a teacher or not, train yourself with the best teaching techniques for teachers: varied learning methods adapted to all for the best education, reflection on teaching and useful contents for the good transmission of knowledge. The role of the teacher is indeed the most essential in society because it lays the foundation of the future society... The task has not to be neglected and we consider that you are here because this mission is very important for you. It is up to you to take advantage of the free and certified MOOCs we have gathered on the web on teacher development.

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Wanna be a teacher ?

Teachers transmit not only practical, theoretical knowledge, but also a conception of the world that has made the success of their actions and past actions. Education, good education in a broad sense, is a science with methods that tend to be more successful than others. Emphasize the personal understanding of each one, adapt, be attentive to the aspirations of the students and know how to take into account in their teaching what they are passionate about: here are the recipes for success and that is precisely what you can deepen with MOOCs.

Why learn to transmit?

It is obvious that a teacher who knows what is most effective in terms of learning methods will have a more effective pedagogy, a smarter teaching. Think of the masters of the great artists, who have been so essential in the development of their students, who have thus proved vectors of transformation sometimes for entire eras: we think of the different artistic revolutions, but also the masters of the greatest scientists. The potential for social transformation of a teacher is immense if he chooses to develop it. This may be your case. These MOOCs in Teacher Development are here to help you.