All available MOOCs in statistics and probabilities

Because stats and probabilities hold an important place in your job or just because you're passionate about these two topics and you want to discover Language R, why not sign up for a free certifying course? MOOCs will allow you to train and obtain a certificate! On My Mooc, you will discover courses offered online by emeritus professors and organizations. In addition, these certificates are issued by leading schools and universities recognized worldwide. Your training will last a few days or weeks. You will notice that it will be not very constraining, since you will be able to connect to the moments which will be favorable for you.

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Online course of statistics

Many statistical theorems can be addressed during your course. In addition, you will be able to register for several MOOC courses if you notice that certain subjects are not taught in the curriculum that you have initially chosen. Anyway, you will learn how to use data from statistical series from surveys. You will learn several stats concepts such as population, values, amplitude, frequency, etc. During your training, you will also be able to master the Language R, which is a free software on statistics. Its use will help you bring out results and graphics instantly.

Discover the laws of probability

A Mooc of probabilities will allow you to acquire a good expertise concerning many probability laws such as the binomial law, Poisson's law or Bernoulli's law. Classes are very interesting while being captivating thanks to videos, texts and quizzes. Finally, know that you will have to follow your training in a diligent way and at its conclusion you will obtain your certificate.