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From the fundamental concepts of algorithmic and programming languages (Java, C ++, Python, ...), to the mastery of the most popular tools in business (Java EE Spring, DevOps ...), you will find on this page all the MOOCs that will allow you to acquire a solid foundation in software development, or a specialization that will make you an expert in software engineering. Free and incrementally difficult, these certified MOOCs are particularly adapted to the needs of rapid and continuous changes in the world of software development.

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Solid foundations, and essential knowledge for the software developer profession.

Basics remain, market standards are changing. We propose to you through these MOOC a real culture of the developer, with solid foundations in software design (UML), in algorithmic, mastery of the various languages in vogue (Javascript, PHP ...), Open Source projects, and this on a wide range of platforms: website projects (HTML5 / CSS), smartphones and tablets (IOS, Android), or connected objects programming (IOT, Arduino). This list is obviously not exhaustive, and is constantly evolving, taking into account the latest advances in software architecture.

Mastery of market-leading tools: skills for maximum employability.

In IT services, at a publisher, or within an IT department, software engineering specialists, that is to say professionals who have not only knowledge but also know-how in architecture, are required. robust and durable software. Our modules will teach you the current standards of the software engineering market, and will allow you an expert approach of the software industry: Project management in agile mode (Scrum), management of sources (Github), multilingual localization management, software development monitoring (DevOps), mastering open source development environments (coding, debugging, testing). Cerise on the cake, certifications are issued by prestigious universities, an additional asset for your professional success!