All MOOCs on personal improvement to meet the challenges of the professional world

Much more than a New Age fashion, personal development can become an extremely effective aid within the professional world. That's why My Mooc has gathered, on this page, all the MOOCs of the web in the field of personal improvement. Whether you want to learn how to let go of difficult professional situations or how you want to master self-confidence to prepare for public speaking or, why not, become an expert in stress management, the online courses available are there to allow you to be more relaxed in your work while increasing your performance.

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Concrete tools to manage your emotions and stress

Because being qualified in stress management or knowing how to let go in any situation is not innate, MOOCs offer you practical cases to become aware of your inner resources and develop positive automatisms. By relying on real life situations to gain self-confidence, you will quickly become comfortable in speaking out or in managing your emotions when interacting with your interlocutors. All these tools will allow you to effectively overcome your limiting patterns to be a true actor of your professional life

Free and certified courses by the most famous universities

Since the Internet has made communication possible at all distances, you have access to training delivered by the most prestigious universities and organizations, in the areas of personal improvement, regardless of their geographical location. The MOOCs allow you to acquire advanced knowledge from teachers recognized for their respective skills. The exceptional quality of the courses taught is accompanied by a certification that greatly values your course. Finally, most of the courses are completely free, so you do not have to wait for any funding to register now!