All MOOCs in robotics available on the internet

We have on this page, listed all the MOOC of the web whose theme is robotic engineering. These courses allow you to know and specialize in this area. From theoretical bases to practice, discover thanks to the Massive Open Online Courses, the world of robotics. You can learn and understand machine design, the operation of artificial intelligence and a robot. Free online courses will even introduce you to or deepen your knowledge of the autonomous car. At the end of these training courses certified by the biggest schools, you will be able to affirm that the design and the maintenance of robot will have no more secrets for you.

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Why follow the MOOCs on artificial intelligence and machine design?

My Mooc offers you various free online training on the topic of robot engineering. Thanks to these, you will acquire a complete knowledge allowing you to understand the most basic computer intelligence systems to the most complex like the autonomous car. In addition to offering comprehensive training, you can highlight your new knowledge that is certified and recognized by professionals. The MOOCs are aimed at experienced people wishing to extend or maintain their knowledge and at the unconfirmed wishing to discover and learn the fascinating world of robotics.

Focus on a future area to maximize your employability

Robotic engineering opens doors to the world of engineering in various fields: automotive, IT, logistics, aviation, health, research and more. It adapts according to the skills and passions of each to different trades. More and more present in the daily life of humans, the science of the robot has not finished developing. It is a sector of the future, whose history is just beginning.