The MOOCs give you the keys to perfect your theological skills

Theology is a complex field. That’s why My Mooc dedicates to it a section that contains large content on Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other religions. All the Mooc’s have a detailed description so you can choose a course according to your level.

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A free certification to prepare a diploma in theology or write a thesis

A large collection of courses on religion is accessible both to people who wish to deepen their knowledge and to those who are preparing a thesis or diploma in this field. The courses make it possible to understand the intricacies of religions practiced in different parts of the world

Learning the ins and outs of religion to better understand history

The courses on different religions are prepared by representatives of each faith (for example, the Collège des Bernardins for the Catholic religion and the UNEEJ for the Judaism), so that you can understand more deeply the specifics of rites and traditions in various religions.