Discover all the MOOCs in Psychology of the web!

If you are a student in Psychology or you are looking to expand your knowledge for a CV that distinguishes you, you will find here the list of Courses on topics of Psychology. These free courses are collected on the web by My Mooc and are gathered here. They are delivered by the best universities and organizations and they will allow you to obtain certifications appreciated by all employers. Psychology has multiple branches and covers a broad field, used in many trades and sectors of the industry.

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MOOCs in human psychology and occupational psychology

You can develop your skills by registering for one of the MOOCs offered here. Human psychology in general is an exciting science that is needed in many future positions; it is taught by qualified teachers. It can be broken down into developmental psychology, social psychology, cognitive, clinical, negotiation and more. There is also the psychology of work whose interest is evident in the careers of those who train in business management or human resources.

MOOC on stress but also on positive thinking

Stress is now recognized as a major risk in the world of work. At the origin of burn-outs and absenteeism, however, it can become an asset for those who know how to master it. In the MOOCs above, you will find the study of how and how to manage and channel stress. Positive Thinking is also in our programs: we no longer count the companies that implement the practice among their staff to optimize motivation and boost performance.