Learn to manage projects with MOOCs!

You have always wanted to acquire skills in project management without finding adequate training, so the MOOCs available on this page are made for you! Whatever the reason that motivates you to learn: a desire for professionalism or just to try a novelty, all training offered meet any desire and are accessible to any profile. The various certifications issued by these online courses, help you to progress in this area essential to business operations! An opportunity to seize in order to expand your professional skills.

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Project management, time management, planning or Scrum

The special feature of MOOCs is that they are open to all those who wish to have access to certifying and free online course designed by the most prestigious organizations. All online courses brought together by My Mooc allow you to learn Scrum, that is, agile project management, with the best planning techniques. It's up to you to learn time management and agile project management from your own schedule. Online courses guaranteeing you a great autonomy and the best adaptation to your personal situation!

Maximize you employability!

All aspects of project management will have no secrets for you! Certifications obtained once the MOOC is completed, can be used during your job searches and can be a part of your C.V, since they are official! Especially since they are delivered by prestigious universities, which put at your disposal the best teachers on this topic.