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Political science deals with mechanisms that deal with public decision-making. This is the case for mechanisms to understand the dynamics of voting or those that explain the behavior of actors in the organization of parties. Understand what is behind the extremisms, environmental awareness and others with the free and certifying MOOCs available on this page. You will be able to awaken to a new reality of the society that surrounds us and thus be more aware of the decisions that are important for everyone... Whether you are a student in political science or not, the online courses we have gathered are designed for knowledgeable citizens.

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Political science?

Political science deals with governance, public policy, diplomacy and geopolitics to understand how we got there and where we are going, and how much room we have to move in the right direction. Political science is a kind of history in motion, rational and rationalizable thanks to concepts developed for decades about democracy, international logic, the mechanics of crowds and other political phenomena ... It is addressed to all, leaders, citizens, as illustrated by one of the greatest books: "The prince" of Machiavelli, written for a leader but this collection is to be of infinite utility for the citizens who seek to understand the springs of the public action...

Why study political science?

Whether you have political ambitions or not, understanding the drivers of citizen and political action is very useful for advancing your understanding of the world, our surroundings, modern history and culture. present. Inventing the society of tomorrow presupposes hindsight and we propose today to acquire it: geopolitics, diplomacy, governance or public policies, you will find what you are looking for here thanks to these MOOCs.