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Live the history of ideas with our MOOCs! From Plato to Nietzsche and our contemporaries, philosophers have been able to reveal the magnificent secrets of life. Be sure that you will find here free online courses and certifications that will give you access to a new level of knowledge! Life is explained by this discipline and it is explained by life in the sense that it is a permanent quest for knowledge ... Until the only thing we accepted to know ... Is that we do not know anything! Find here content rich in quality and that will guide you to great discoveries.

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What is philosophy?

Pythagoras, also a renowned mathematician ... would have been the first to claim the name philosopher in ancient Greece. After a long speech that fascinated the audience, including the king, he was asked what his profession was so that he knew so much ... He replied that he did not find a specific name for the profession he exercised but was "philosopher": he liked to know! This is a very good direction taken by illustrious men thereafter: after Plato, we quote Kant, Hegel, Rousseau, Nietzsche, Bergson, Sartre and so many others so prolific in ideas that would transform the world ...

Why learn about philosophy?

It is first and foremost an open door to life, knowledge, knowledge, religions, truth and above all our consciousness. It tries to make the day with unstoppable arguments on the questions that tangle Humanity: what we are doing on Earth, what is God, why does the man experience negative things, why the Man tends to oppress the woman, how to explain the Nazism and other totalitarian drifts, etc. This discipline is one of the kings of higher education: political philosophy, analytic philosophy, and more ... and we are very happy to make it a place of choice here! Whether you are political philosophy or analytic philosophy, here you will find what you are looking for!