Sharpen your spirit with MOOC in Philosophy

Find the best MOOC in philosophy retracing the various philosophical schools of thought across the history. Forget your old boring courses on philosophy to follow a new form of training: the MOOC. With a strong collaborative dimension and its new way to teach, you will better understand what is philosophy in our societies. However, it is always possible to improve in the major philosophical exercises that are the essay and the text comment. Other thematic areas could also be of interest to you as " History " or " Education and Teaching ".

Take advantage of the knowledge of the best stakeholders on the topic

The MOOC dealing with the religious domain are also on My Mooc ! From the practices specific to each religion, their rite, their culture through their history, there is a MOOC for everyone! It will be matter of Islam, Christianity or the Jewish religion. All teachers are recognized theologians from each religion and they will be able to decrypt the habits and customs of each. We hope that all the MOOC proposed here will help you to discover new knowledge and perfect your desire to learn always more on all the religions practiced on the planet. Most of the MOOC will even allow you to obtain a certificate attesting your attendance to the course.