Teaching, as a basic activity, cannot be improvised. Doing so in a digital environment, even less so. But if you are interested in Digital Learning and online course design, you will find in this section all the available MOOCs dealing with educational engineering and educational technology. These courses are designed and made available free of charge to help you understand the basics of virtual learning. All this with one goal in mind: to develop your technical skills so that you too can teach online.

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From instructional engineering to online course design

Like the teachers who designed his courses to help you learn the basics of online education, you will also be able to create online courses. The MOOCs on pedagogical engineering listed by us will help you analyse your learners to create and deliver online training adapted to their needs. And thanks to the courses on Digital Learning, you will be able to use digital in its entirety and integrate it into different educational processes. These skills will be essential if you plan to bring in experts to lead digital training pedagogical projects.

Your skills acquired at the service of educational technology

The development of new technologies and their availability to the general public ushers in a whole new era in the field of education, that of online education. Knowing how to teach online is therefore a skill that is highly sought after by companies in the implementation of a technological approach to education. Thanks to the MOOCs on Digital Learning, you will not only be able to meet this major challenge for education today and tomorrow, but you will also obtain certifications from prestigious universities, which will allow you to be competitive in this booming sector of activity.