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We have listed the MOOCs that will allow you to progress in your understanding of different forms of music: from classical music to hip-hop ... and which will also help you sharpen your knowledge useful to the developments of your music. different musical projects: music industry in detail, production of a record, etc. We want you to progress regardless of your level and the MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are specifically designed to help you and help you to feed your passion, improve your technique and your knowledge, but also sometimes aims you to your dream...

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What music?

The essence of music refers to the vibration of the soul... So there is no question of being limited to one type in particular to help you here but to what will make you vibrate as well as your potential audience or to the public of the people you need to help in their career or in the discovery of their art. This environment is very rough and there is no question of going without information, without a thorough understanding of the music industry, regardless of the type of music that we want to create: rap, classical music, the frames differ but the profession refers to the same thing: to be master of his art, of his career, of his means of production in order to tend towards the widest possible diffusion of his works according to his own projects.

Why study these topics?

Studying the crucial issues related to music and in line with your projects with the most qualified people who have chosen to distill their teaching on the Internet can give you a crucial advantage in order to successfully complete your project. Whether it is a passion or something else, in artistic matters, the intellectual depth of the subjects is immense and the knowledge of those who have already been there can be very useful.