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Que ce soit pour revoir les bases de l'algèbre en vue d'une réorientation scolaire, un approfondissement des enseignements traditionnels du collège ou du lycée en géométrie ou une recherche de perfectionnement en statistiques pour une réorientation professionnelle, tu trouveras la formation qui te correspond sur une plateforme simple d'utilisation regroupant les cours en ligne certifiants, proposés par des établissements prestigieux dans le monde. Les MOOC t'assurent des connaissances solides, validées par un certificat. Sur une base collaborative, les établissements formateurs sont un gage de qualité.

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Follow a MOOC about mathematics to become the best in maths

Are you dreaming of becoming a brilliant mathematician? Or do you want to find a MOOC to master the foundations of a mathematical theory which sounds too difficult to understand? To facilitate the task to you we added for you under this category all the MOOC dealing with this discipline. You can also find the MOOC of introduction to mastering the basics of mathematics. We believe that you may be also interested by similar themes not so far from mathematics as " Computing and programming " or " physics, chemistry and biology "

Find the best MOOC in statistics

After be trained on mathematics, why not follow a MOOC in statistics? Become the king of probabilities or simply discover what are the methods used by the best statisticians to create surveys from samples: you are at the right place. Here are gathered all the MOOC past, current or to come dealing with statistics. Enhance your skills by obtaining a certification proposed by the best schools around the world.