Online courses in mathematics or statistics.

Whatever your objectives are: learn the basics of algebra, deepen your school knowledge, prepare for an exam at university or master statistical methods for a professional reskilling, you are sure to find a course. The MOOC’s provided by our platform gives you an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills in math or statistics. As a rule, at the end of your learning program you can get certificates that serve as confirmation of your knowledge.

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The essentials of mathematics.

The offered courses cover the two main parts of the subject: algebra and geometry. The goal is to provide you with all necessary knowledge, be it something general or something specific. Some courses partly encompass other areas of knowledge that might be directly or indirectly related to, for example, mathematics, computer science, physics, and so on.


Statistics is gaining more and more importance in different areas of human activity. That is one of the main reasons why statistics is taught more actively at school or college these days. The more precisely data analysis is the more balanced decisions people can make, which, in its turn, allows them to avoid mistakes and significantly reduce risks. Here, you are offered to learn statistics by using courses that are elaborated by the most prestigious universities in the world.