Marketing: become an expert thanks to free MOOCs

The primary objective of marketing is to distinctly define customers ‘needs and, based on that, conceive a coherent and sustainable strategy. To be able to do the job professionally, one should have corresponding skills that can be acquired and developed with the use of online courses. Here, on our platform you will find a wide collection of courses dealing with different aspects of marketing even with the most specific ones. For your information, in most cases when you finish a course you can obtain a certificate that serves as confirmation of your knowledge.

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Essential skills to be a marketing professional

Being a marketing professional means knowing how to combine two different types of thinking: creative and analytical ones. Analyzing a set of data collected during a marketing analysis is essential to define the main competitors and measure market potential for a product whereas creativity plays a crucial role when it comes to promoting the product. Apart from that, a marketing professional is a person who is excellent at communicating, negotiating, and public speaking. As it is seen, the profession demands mixed skills. Here, you will find a great variety of courses that will allow to acquire and develop those skills up to a professional level.

Product marketing, webmarketing, digital marketing: which MOOC corresponds to my needs?

The widespread of technology led to profound digitalization of the profession. As a result, many new ways to do marketing has sprung up. One of the most prominent examples is webmarketing and digital marketing that are widely used to reach the target audience. However, before starting a marketing campaign on the web, a marketing professional should conduct market research and elaborate a strategy. Besides, he or she should have some technical skills that are required, for example, to track URLs necessary to measure ROI or ROAS. Here, you have access to a wide range of courses that have been designed by the most prestigious universities of the world.